Golf Long Drive Technique


The top players' tee shots are always scenery on the field, hitting the ball crisply and landing accurately with bright arcs! This is undoubtedly from their superb special ability, but more importantly, their precise technical movements. Perhaps we will never be able to play like them, but we must also master the considerable quality of long-distance hitting techniques even as amateur golfers. Otherwise, the green will be out of reach.


The wood tee shot is probably the most comfortable The way to hit the ball. Hear the crisp sound of the club touching the ball, see the ball fly in a beautiful arc, and then. The sound of the club hitting the ball, watching the ball fly in a beautiful arc, and then The feeling of landing in the middle of the fairway is simply There are no words to describe it. Of course, while some golfers
the ball, some players are frustrated with their inability to; of course, while some players are making great shots, some players are frustrated that they can't hit the ball far enough and accurately!
What is the relationship between distance and muscle address?
What is it? People are often confused about this.

As golfers, we may never.
It may be possible to hit a long-distance shot with the accuracy of a pro, but that doesn't stop us from practicing and learning.
The ball may not be hit as accurately as the pros, but that doesn't stop us from practicing and learning.
This doesn't stop us from improving our long-distance hitting skills through practice and learning.

Although there is indeed a close relationship between the distance of the drive and the force of the hitter distance and the hitter's power, the two are not
distant from the tee, and the hitter's power is not equal. On the golf course, often you will see golfers who are not physically fit.
You will often see golfers who are not very physically strong
who hit the ball a surprisingly long way. The reason is simple
They don't have the strongest muscles, but they have
top-notch techniques. Here is a complete set of pictures of a driver
Here is a complete set of pictures of the club tee shot.


1. Aiming the ball

Place the clubhead behind the ball on the ground for a smooth approach shot. Prepare yourself. Point the toes of your left foot towards the target, preparing your body for the Prepare your body for rotation during the shot.


2. Upswing

The lead stroke is distinctly body-like.
This "one piece" approach is good for a thousand swings
and creates a good swing rhythm. These two things are necessary to increase the power of the ball and increase the distance of the ball.
These two factors are necessary to increase the power and distance of the ball.


3. At the top

Backswing to the top, shoulders fully rotated (about 90 degrees), back towards the target The club is now oriented parallel to the ground.


4. Downswing

During the downswing, the swing face is flat. The right arm is close to the torso and the left side of the body is open to facilitate full body rotation with the head position remaining behind the ball.


5. Point of impact

Ball touch with the club
With the left side of the body open, the hands and arms can to fully accelerate the downward swing. Note that the head is still resting remains at the back of the ball.


6. Follow-through

follow through

Due to inertia, the club continues to forward. Note that the body needs to be in a good balance after the swing is completed. in a good balance.