Golf is the translation of GOLF, G-green, O-oxygen, L-sunlight, F-friendship. It combines nature and movement. This sport requires you to concentrate on your mind and let go of all distractions to play, which can relieve mental.

In many people's eyes, golf is an aristocratic sport, with a "discriminatory" look at golf; in fact, you do not know enough about golf. Here let me lead you to know golf, understand how it is a sport, why so many people will fall in love with it!

First, a brief introduction to the golf course, the main specifications of the golf course are nine holes and 18 holes, etc. The regular 18-hole course is 18 sites of different sizes and shapes. Each site comprises a tee (tee), fairway, green hole, long grass, bunker, pond, and other obstacles. The total length of the standard golf course is 5943~6400 meters, with variable width, and there are boundary lines around the course, with boundary stakes in critical sections.


Golf Fun

Strategy: Golf is a strategic sport; each shot requires careful consideration of the obstacles, slope, terrain, grass length, wind direction, and others to project the strength and height of the swing. The player will also consider the hole's fairway strategy, planning for each shot to put the ball in what position to choose which club.

Speed: Golfers in the swing, club speed can exceed 100mph. Ball speed can reach 140mph, a swing out of the farthest distance can reach more than two hundred meters, giving you a very open feeling and reducing the pressure of your life and work.

Skills: When you reach a certain level of golf, you will be very familiar with the various environments of the course, what kind of distance with what kind of club, How much backswing power you need to control, how to save the ball in the bunker, the green putting strength and so on, really explore up, you will find golf has endless fun.

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What changes can golf bring to your body?

Golf is a very healthy sport that entertains the mind and body and strengthens the body. For children: "Golf" is a sport that can play from 3 to 80 years old. Children exposed to golf from a young age can develop elegant manners, temperament, and good physical and mental qualities and grow up sunny and healthy in the fierce social competition. Long-term persistence in playing golf will have many beneficial changes in the body. In the following, I will popularize the benefits of golf to the body.

Eyes: The sport of golf requires the eyes to look straight into the distance for a long time, which is very helpful to the eyes, relieving eye fatigue, especially for growing children, is very helpful, if you can let him insist on playing every day.

Heart: At the moment of hitting the golf ball will accelerate blood circulation so that the coronary arteries have enough blood to supply the heart muscle, thus preventing all kinds of heart disease. Adhering to play regularly will give you a healthy and robust heart and cardiovascular system.

Liver: insistence on playing golf can make the surface of the liver vascular veins texture clear and can effectively eliminate fatty liver so that most golfers have a healthy liver.

Gastrointestinal: Playing golf for a long time can also strengthen the digestive function and promote nutrient absorption so that the whole gastrointestinal is in a healthy state.

Kidney: golf can effectively exercise the waist, thereby enhancing kidney function, but also help to improve the interest of men and the quality of sex life.

Bone: Long-term golf can improve the strength of the joints, ligament flexibility; and increase the strength and density of the bones to avoid degenerative osteoporosis in old age.

More importantly, golf is a sport to cultivate interpersonal relationships. You can meet people from all countries and different industries on the golf course. You can play while talking business, making friends, discussing golf skills, etc., playing golf is a party, a ball narrative, and a mentor on our way of life, we can learn a lot of knowledge in the sport of golf!