6 Steps to Learn the Basic Movements of the Swing

1. Set-up

Also known as the address position. The most basic aiming position is
The line between the feet and shoulders is parallel to the line of attack, and some players prefer a more open stance, where the right foot is more forward. But otherwise, the player is no different from any other player.


2. Takeaway, or upswing

The first 60 cm of clubhead movement is critical in the backward and upward approach, as it determines the magnitude of the entire approach and the trajectory of the clubhead. If the golfer makes a significant mistake in this first 60 cm, it will have a fatal impact on the subsequent sequence of shots.


3. At the top

A good, smooth drive, combined with a whole shoulder twist, will bring the club back to its highest point. Suppose all steps are completed properly at the top of the approach. The clubface will remain perpendicular to the target line to the maximum extent possible during the club's contact phase.


4. Follow-through

The follow-through is the action of swinging the club in the direction of the ball after it has been hit. It is an important factor that affects the amount of flex in the swing.

A stable, smooth swing is beneficial to the smooth completion of the entire stroke.


5. Point of Impact

Although there are many different swings on the surface, almost all good golfers have the same motion at the club touch stage. The movement of the club at touch is very similar to the movement of the ball at aim.

The biggest difference between the two is that the body's center of gravity is on the left foot when the club touches the ball, while the body's center of gravity is basically between the two feet when the ball is aimed.