Golf posture-Body Posture


Body posture refers to the angle of the body when aiming at the ball. Body posture has an extremely important effect on the shape and quality of the swing. If the importance of body posture is ignored, players will have to adjust their movements in a hurry during the swing. Such a swing will not be effective and of good quality.


Body posture technical points.


1. First of all, keep your body upright and hold the bar with both hands naturally flat in front of you, at the same height as your chest.


2. Slowly bend over until the club head is placed on the ground. In this process, pay attention to the relationship between the arms and the upper body, the club head touches the ground mainly by bending down, not by the arms actively putting the club head on the ground.


3. After the club head touches the ground, the knee joint should be flexed until the thighs feel slightly tense. Tuck and lift. If the body is in the right position, it should feel more flexible and relaxed but not loose.